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{Ver.26} 放せ. Hanase.
I love peace
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3rd-Nov-2020 06:59 pm - Friends only!
Friends only
Start from : November 03, 2006, 18:59

Read my profile before you add a comment here.

We must share some same interests. List them out.

You need to comment me after you added me. If not, I won't comment you. ♥

Also, I'm friendly, unless I'm being unfriendly.

Graphic community: bulletshoot
My site: Corial

LAST UPDATED: 20-Sep-2oo9
4th-Jan-2009 10:45 pm - Can be my first coloring?
Manga series: Code: Breaker
Character: Fujiwara Toki
Coloured: 4 Jan 2oo9
Hours spent: 3 hours
Original Scan: Chibi ver. Toki!


Quite satify...Collapse )

♥ Comment is very appreciated.
♥ Can use for graphics, if you want.
♥ Don't claim it as yours. :)
26th-Oct-2008 04:31 pm - #2
They have been in my com for a long time... So, I posted it here. :) Enjoy.

Cosplay x 14
Food Girls x 10
Kingdom Hearts x 3
Ouran x 5
Stocks (Okinawa) x 7
Vampire Knight x 6
Various (anime girls) x 8

Total: 53


I don't like narcissist!Collapse )
18th-Jul-2008 09:05 pm - Awards
They owe me a lot of banners... ^^;

Don't have time to participate any icon tests now! T_T

Awards under here!Collapse )

Practice makes perfect! ^-^
13th-May-2008 11:00 pm - Blogcrews.
Since I don't want to put them in my profile, so I make an entry for it. :)

Blogcrews under the cut!Collapse )
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